Wedding Cake Pricing 

Basic Flavor without Fondant $4.00 per serving
Deluxe Flavor without Fondant $4.50 per serving
Basic Flavor with Fondant $5.00 per serving
Deluxe Flavor with Fondant $5.50 per serving

The top 6" tier of your wedding cake is our gift to you.
(If your top cake is larger than 6", you will be charged the difference in servings)


Extras for Wedding Cake Orders

The first two (2) cake flavors are included in the price. Any other cake flavor will be an
additional $25.00.

Sweet 'n Sassy Cakes offers supplemental sheet cakes for the cost of $180.00 each.
These contain approximately 60 servings per cake.
(When ordering supplemental cakes be aware that your wedding cake must reflect the
number of guests you are having. For example, if you are having 300 guests, you cannot order a
wedding cake that serves 70 people and make up the rest in supplemental cakes. The cake
would not look proportionate to the number of guests you are having.)

Groom's Cakes

Don't forget about the groom! Contact us to discuss groom's cake options!
To taste a 4th flavor during you cake tasting for the groom's cake will be $15*.

*We will deduct this fee from the price of the groom's cake when ordered.


Fillings are $0.50 - $1.50 per serving on wedding cakes.
Conact us for filling pricing on non-wedding cakes.


Non-Wedding Cake Pricing

Please contact us for pricing on non-wedding cakes.

Any 3D or carved cake will start at $7.50 per serving.


Extras for Non-Wedding Cake Order

The first cake flavor is included in the price of your cake. Any other cake flavor over the
initial flavor will be an additional $25.00 per flavor. You can only add another flavor
if you have more than one (1) cake tier.


Additional Costs for All Cake Orders

Time-Consuming decorations including:

|    Intricate and detailed designs with fondant
|    Intricate and detailed designs on fondant
|    All handmade flowers, animals, or other figures
|    All string work