"Brooklynn's first birthday needed to be perfect. When the cake arrived, Amanda and I were both shocked. It was truly breathtaking! It was totally elegent, yet fit for the occasion and matched beautifully with our Valentines\Birthday theme. The strawberry filling was top notch, and I highly recommend it to everyone! The cake was way beyond our expectations. Thank you so much for everything, we WILL need your help again soon!"- Fernando F.

"The baby shower cake was the hit of the party!! It was definitely a piece of art and Emily (the new mother) loved it! I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job that you guys did!! It was well worth it!! I look forward to ordering cakes from you in the future!!" - Marcella C.


"I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful cake. It was a HUGE hit everyone wanted to know where I got it. It was also very delicious. You 2 did a wonderful job "- Julie R.


"I wanted to let you know how happy everyone was with the wedding cake. It was sooooooo good. Steve never eats cake and he could not stop eating the walnut one. My sister said people came up to her and told her usually they take the wedding cake to be nice and then throw it away later, but my cake was so good they did not want to stop eating it." - Nancy and Steve R.


"The cake was fabulous. You got great reviews not only on the looks of the cake but also the taste. It was really wonderful – Thank you very much." - Benita C.


"They loved the cake!!!!! Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job on this cake." - Liz A.


"I have been eating that red velvet cake with citrus fondant nonstop since we brought it home - it keeps getting better. It is the best cake I've ever eaten, NO JOKE! you rock!" - Amy H.


"Just wanted to say thanks again for you & Kortni doing such a wonderful job on Sydney's 9th birthday cake ~ she absolutely loved it and it was perfect for the occasion. It far exceeded our expectations." - Dawn L.